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Mondeo Plus


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The Mouka Mondeo Plus Mattress is made of highly tempered knotted Bonnel Spring, covered by a luxurious damask fabric which gives all-over support and proper spine alignment. The luxurious damask fabric adds an extra dash of luxury to the functionality of the mattress as it supports you and aids quality sleep.

The active-response Bonnel coils cradle your body and help relieve pressure points while keeping your spine properly aligned. It helps correct, improve or adjust positively, your body posture. The Mondeo Plus Spring mattress also comes with firmer edge support that can stand the rigours of everyday use, ensuring you enjoy quality sleep for a long time.

The mattress is suitable for all weights and comes with a 6-year warranty.

– Extra Comfort Foam and Fiber Layer.

– Luxurious damask fabric.

– Superior spring technology for maximum support and proper spine alignment. 

– Air Vents for optimized sleep comfort. 

– Supports all weights. 

  • 6-year warranty. 


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MONDEO SPRING (75X48X10) 6x4x10, MONDEO SPRING (75X54X10) 6×4.5×10, MONDEO SPRING (75X72X10) 6x6x10, MONDEO SPRING (75X84X10) 6x7x10

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