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If you and your partner struggle to agree on the perfect mattress, it may be because you need one that allows each of you to have your comfort rating

Presenting the new Wellbeing Hybrid mattress.

  • It has a firm side and an extra firm side, meaning you can both sleep in total comfort
  • It is the perfect solution for two different weighted sleepers, with one side orthopaedic and the other semi-orthopaedic.

No need for sleep compromise; satisfy both of your needs today!



– A hard, strong mattress, made from ultra high-density foam, covered with quilted premium-grade jacquard.

– Supports the lower back and lumbar area, an answer to posture problems and back pains.

– Covered in highly breathable Pama fabric to provide coolness.

– Quilted layer enhanced with foam & fiber for superior comfort.

– Suitable for all weight categories.

– Extra Firm (support rating).

– Ideal for senior citizens.

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HYBRID 75 X 72 X 10, HYBRID 75 X 84 X 10

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