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High quality, durable and beautifully crafted mattresses designed to give your body great and soothing comfort while you sleep.

Quality Sleep

We design, create and supply thoughtfully engineered products that are intended to give you an amazing sleep experience.

Durable & Resilient Spring

Manufactured using advanced internationally supplied state-of-the-art Bonnel Spring System which is unique in Nigeria. This ensures that the Mouka Mondeo Spring mattress delivers superior comfort and is extra durable.

Top Quality

Undisputed quality in everything we do.

Mondeo Spring

The Mouka Mondeo Spring Mattress is made of highly tempered knotted Bonnel Spring, which gives all over support. The active-response Bonnel coils cradle your body and help relieve pressure points while keeping your spine properly aligned. It helps correct, improve or adjust positively, your body posture.

The mattress is suitable for all weights and comes with a 5-year warranty.


Mouka Dreamtime is carefully designed with your kids in mind. Leveraging the best of Mouka Limited Technology & Research, we developed a water-resistant and breathable mattress.

Mouka Dreamtime water-resistant mattress helps kids enjoy quality sleep and wake up to perform at their best the next day.

The ideal choice for kids.


High quality, medium strength mattress covered in cool plain patterned cotton textile for comfort.

Luxury jacquard borders for a quality finish.

Suitable for persons with combined weight of up to 160kg.

Ideal choice for young adults.


High quality, medium density mattress covered with quilted polycotton textile for additional comfort.

Comes in many appealing colours of contemporary floral prints. Provides great comfort and coolness with moisture absorption qualities.

The nation’s favourite, the Mouka Flora mattress has been providing comfort to Nigerians for over 25 years.

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