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What Makes Mouka Perfect For You?

Perfected Design

Every material we use in the design of our mattresses is carefully sourced and selected for its unique properties.

Advanced Technology

Our innovative technology ensures that every one of our mattresses is cool and comfortable for your use.

Top Quality

Everything we do at Mouka is done so you get the very best with every mattress we produce without compromising on quality and choice.

Superb Comfort

Because everyone is different, we have created different mattress variants for different body types, comfort levels and budgets.

My Mouka Story

Sola Sobowale

People often ask me why I agreed to become Mouka’s Brand Ambassador.

The truth is my relationship with the brand dates back to before I was even born. My parents used Mouka and brought all of us up sleeping on Mouka’s mattresses. My parents are not with me anymore, but they used Mouka mattresses until their last days. I am currently sleeping on Mouka mattresses, likewise, my children and they will, in turn, pass on the tradition to the next generation.

When I was called to be Brand Ambassador, I laughed at the coincidence. If you come to my home, you would see so many Mouka mattresses I have used over the years. I even invited the Mouka team on a tour of my home, and they were surprised to see my large collection of their mattresses. As an actress and producer, when I am on a film location, l always rent an entire building, furnish it with Mouka mattresses for my shootings, and we have been able to attain the much-desired comfort for all members of my crew.

At my age, I am still on top of my game in the competitive Nollywood industry. I eat right, exercise, and most importantly, sleep well.

Thanks to quality sleep on Mouka, I rock my high heels all day long, and my back is strong kakaraka!

As Brand Ambassador, I will continue to share my story and recommend Mouka products to all my fans.

Mouka Buy Right

The Right Mattress Built Just For You

Our values of passion, integrity and excellence run through everything we do.

Mouka people are committed and true to our cause of adding comfort to life. Explore the best mattress for your body type. Comfort custom-made for you.

Let’s help you build your dream bed.

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