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7 Ways Sleep Deprivation Can Ruin Your Wedding Day

moukablog - 17th October 2019 - 0 comments

Looking at it from the human perspective, organizing a big day is a very tedious and overwhelming task. Especially when the big day happens to be your wedding day.
You find yourself losing sleep and overworking yourself, as you run from pillar to post, trying to make sure everything goes successfully as planned.
Although you have to burn the midnight oil and go through a lot of emotions ranging from excitement, to worry, to fear and anxiety some few weeks to your wedding day, it still doesn’t make it right for you to deprive yourself of quality and sound sleep.
Sleep deprivation before a big event is much more dangerous and harmful to the body than sleep deprivation on a regular day, and it can affect your body and ruin your big day in the following ways:

Seven Ways That Sleep Deprivation Can Ruin Your Big Day

* Breakouts on the skin
When a bride/ groom to be is deprived of sleep, it brings about skin breakouts such as eczema, acne, pimples, dark circles around the eyes, dehydrated and dull skin complexion, swollen and bloodshot eyes/under eyes.
And when these happen, they look so tired, stressed, forlorn and terrible on their big day. And that is not a good thing.

* Irritation.
Another way sleep deprivation can ruin your wedding day is that it can cause you to become irritated, frustrated and testy on your wedding day.
Everyone and everything gets you upset and annoyed, and you find yourself snapping at everyone, even your spouse to be, which might send out the wrong signals to them.

* Diarrhea
Having the bride or groom suffer from running stomach on their wedding day is not a good look at all, but that is more likely to happen if either of them is sleep deprived before their wedding day.

* Poor decision making
Studies have shown that people who don’t sleep well find it difficult to process information properly or carry out cognitive activities successfully.
And this is same of a bride/groom who misses out on sleep, they will have problems making the right decisions or thinking clearly on their wedding day, which can cause irreparable setbacks on their wedding day.

* Lack of concentration/Forgetfulness
Another disadvantage of not catching enough sleep before your wedding day enjoy your big day less.
You’d find yourself passing the time at your wedding, without consciously enjoying it and participating in it as you should.

* Excess Body Weight
According to the research conducted by a team from Bristol University, it has been confirmed that sleep deprivation can promote the production of Ghrelin, which is known as the Hunger Hormone, and decrease the creation of the Satiety hormone( Leptin).
What this means for an intending couple is that once they are deprived of good sleep, their cravings for food increases, making them add excess weight before and on their wedding day.
And this will definitely ruin their chances of looking perfect in their wedding attires, and they might have issues with wearing their attires without causing tears in the attires.

* Fatigue
Fatigue and tiredness are other results of inadequate sleep or sleep deprivation, and having a bride/groom looking fatigued and tired on their wedding day is an eyesore, a total disaster. This would have a lousy imprint on their states of mind, moods, and outlook generally.

Symptoms of Sleep Deprivation
Losing out on sleep one or two times is understandable and unharmful, but what is dangerous to your health is chronic sleep deprivation. And these are signs and symptoms that would indicate to you if you are sleep deprived or not.
* Clumsiness.
* Foul mood.
* Depression.
* Fuzzy head.
* Fatigue and tiredness.
* Excessive yawning.
* Cravings for foods especially junks.
* Daytime sleepiness.
* Disorientation.

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