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Mouka Flora Might Just Be The One Thing Your Back Needs

moukablog - 10th October 2019 - 0 comments

Back pains can be severe causing tons of pains that extend from the back to the whole body and end up disorganizing a person’s activities for the day. Some back pains are as a result of medical conditions like arthritis, spine-related problems which include herniated discs or accidents which caused a sprain in the back. Some other types of back pains may just be as a result of the mattress you sleep on!

Mattresses are made from a range of substances that go from the layout to the finishing. A number of these materials include foam rubber, cotton, latex, steel springs, polyester, and bamboo. Some of these materials are toxic thereby causing discomfort and irritation to the skin while some may not be toxic but too hard which could disrupt the normal form of the spine and lead to back pains subsequently.

Mouka Flora is finished with quilted polycotton textile which is non-toxic and appealing to the skin. Its dense nature absorbs the moisture that comes from the contact between your skin and the mattress to give you warmth and comfort while you sleep. We also understand how important colour is to humans and the role they play in providing warmth or coolness so our mattresses come in a variety of colours.

If the pain in your back causes weakness from your pelvic region below or makes you feel numb in your legs, you should see a doctor but if the pain is mild and relegated to just the upper or lower back, you should consider changing your mattress.

So how do you identify the best mattress for back pain?
• Since there is no “perfect” mattress, you should choose that one conforms to your back shape. Whatever product type you choose, it should not displace the s-shape of your spine.
• There is no verified research that confirms that tough mattresses are best for the back. However, moderately firm mattresses give little to no discomfort and this has been confirmed by a good number of people.

Basically, these are the main guidelines to take into consideration when choosing a mattress for back pain. For better sleeping condition, also ensure that the mattress does not emit heat or toxic gases.
With a healthy living plan and a Mouka Flora mattress, back pains could become folktales to you.

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