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5 Reasons Your Child Needs A Breathable Fabric

moukablog - 20th August 2019 - 0 comments

When you have a child, your first instinct is to make sure they are very comfortable in whatever position you put them; either when they are playing, eating, sitting around or simply asleep. One of the ways to ensure that your baby is having a good and comfortable sleep time is by making sure that you get them a breathable mattress to sleep on, and not just any breathable mattress, but the best breathable mattress, Mouka Dreamtime.

Here are 5 reasons why

It provides much-needed air: A breathable mattress is created in a way that it allows airflow through its surface, thus providing a good amount of air for your baby, whichever way he/she turns when sleeping.

It is safe: Your baby sometimes will sleep comfortably when they are placed facedown, you do not want to place them face down on a mattress that will suffocate them, that is asking for a lot of trouble. The breathable mattress will help them take in just as much air needed while they sleep facedown.

Reduces the risk of overheating: Unlike adults, babies might not be able to toss and turn as often as adults, thus causing overheating if they remain in one position for too long. However, with the breathable mattress, it reduces the issue of overheating since air flows through it. This can also help reduce the chances of your child having heat rashes.

Reduces contact with dust mites: House dust mites can cause terrible discomfort for your baby, it is relatively easier to find dust mites on beds with minimal airflow. A breathable mattress will reduce the chances of having them attack your baby.

Reduces the risk of SID(Sudden Infant Death Syndrome): Suffocation, overheating and restricted airflow increases the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. All of these can be avoided by ensuring you get your baby the right breathable mattress.

It is so easy for children to fall asleep, and yes, they can fall asleep on anything you put them on; a couch, mat, on your thigh, just anywhere at all. With the Mouka Dreamtime mattress which is soft and breathable, it is the perfect place to lay your kids as they can enjoy long-lasting sleep to wake up energetic and happy.

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