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Buying A New Mattress For Your Young One? You Should Know This

moukablog - 29th August 2019 - 0 comments

Buying a new mattress for yourself as an adult is a real struggle, raise that to the power of ten and you understand what it takes to buy a mattress for your young one. You have to worry about their skin, their safety, comfort and other things. A good mattress for babies is supposed to be comfortable, so their comfort, health and safety should be on your mind when shopping for a mattress for them. So if you are a bit confused when shopping, here are a few things to note.

  1. They come in different types: There are different types- foam mattresses, innerspring mattresses, organic mattresses, and breathable mattresses. The breathable mattress is in most cases, the best mattress for your baby.
  2. The size matters: The size of their crib most times determines the size of the mattress you are getting. It has to fit in perfectly; not too big, and not too small, just perfect. The cover should be looked into: Diapers will leak, and unless you want to keep taking out a 15-pound mattress to dry every morning, get one with a water-resistant cover. 


When is the best time to change their mattress?

Babies grow, and when they grow you need to change a few things to accommodate their growth, these things include their mattress.  Of course, it might be expensive but their comfort is always key. And we know you have toyed with the idea of moving them to your own bed immediately it seems like they are growing out of their small bed. However, your bed might not be the best for them especially when it does not have breathable fabric. Your body might be fully resistant to some of the issues your bed might cause, but theirs will not be. When they seem to be growing out of their small mattress; that is when to buy a mattress for your young one. 

Now that you know what to do when buying a mattress for your young one, it should reduce the stress that comes with shopping for a mattress for your young one. A better option remains to go for Mouka Dreamtime water-resistant mattress for babies as it has a breathable fabric, provides the right body support and comes in two attractive designs and colours.

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