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Bedtime Routine For Back To School Season

moukablog - 3rd October 2019 - 0 comments

The summer is full of opportunities that are likely to change your teen’s bedtime routine, from playing games to firefly sighting and so much more. If your teen is accustomed to staying up and sleeping late, it’s never too late to put your child back on track with a bedtime routine.
You know, it’s back to school season and your child won’t magically adjust to it, after the long summer break. Then again these teenagers need more sleep during this period because there are certain risks your child is prone to when he/she isn’t getting enough rest, like;

Affecting their academic performance – studies over the years have proved this point right. Lack of sleep will affect your child’s ability to learn in class, they’ll always be found sleeping during classes, and this is not good. It goes on to affect their overall academic performance.

It affects their behavioural pattern – lack of quality sleep affects your child’s ability to think right, it increases the likelihood of depression and anxiety in your teens. The way your child behaves won’t be compared to that of the other child who sleeps right.
This is why teenagers need to sleep more, for healthy growth and performance. You can help them in transitioning by setting up a bedtime routine, here is what your teenagers need;

Gradual Bedtime Adjustment.
You need to start off this transitioning early enough, don’t wait for the first day of school before you begin the adjustment. 2/3 weeks into the school season is recommended. You can start by moving their bedtime back to 20 minutes from their usual summer bedtime, you will keep going on and on till you hit the normal bedtime target. It’s a gradual thing.

No Electronics.
Restrict them from screen time; video games, mobile, TV – at least an hour before bedtime. Exposure to artificial light delays your child’s ability to fall asleep and rise in time. Thus, by doing this your teen will adjust quickly.

What To Expect Next.
Things become a lot easier when your kids know what comes next on their schedule. You can set up one for them, and make them stick to it. When it’s close to bedtime make them engage in different calm activities that can help them fall asleep early enough.
Most importantly your teens need a conducive and ideal sleep environment, make their rooms relaxing for them by getting healthy sleep materials like a Mouka mattress Р remember, your child deserves a better and quality bedtime.

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