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3 Apps That Will Make You Hit Cloud 9 When You Sleep

moukablog - 12th September 2019 - 0 comments

Have you ever slept and woke up tired? Like you really don’t know how but apparently your mind was still at work when you were asleep. Not only is this inappropriate, but it is also entirely bad for your health. A lot of people suffering from insomnia and the inability to sleep lash out in search of ways to alleviate their dilemma, they resort to drugs or foods that are known to induce sleep. Sometimes though, the problem isn’t exactly medical as it might be a function of your environment. This is why we suggest the use of apps to get to the cloud 9 you’ve always wanted. Let’s take a look at the 3 of them.


Relax Melodies

This is a relaxation app which assists you to sleep. It uses a lot of techniques to successfully woo you to sleep. It uses melodies, sleep meditations, breathing techniques and sometimes bedtime stories. It also incorporates the use of some sleep exercises where you are having a hard time. It has over a hundred different sleep sounds and it is free for Android and IOS. It does have in-app purchases though. It has a lot of reviews and is one of the best free sleep apps anyone could want. 


Sleep Genius

This is yet another sleep better app targeted at helping you get rid of anxiety and stress, especially at bedtime. It is acknowledged by NASA as one of the technologies they approve of.  Sleep genius helps you relax and sleep within 15 minutes of your proposed bedtime, it wakes you up to soothing sounds, it is a sleep tracking app and it also helps you take the most refreshing nap ever. It is not a free app but it is available for Android and IOS. 


Slumber: Fall Asleep, Insomnia

If you try this app for about 10 minutes, you’d be asleep so fast you wouldn’t know what hit you. This is just genius. Do you know when we all fell asleep to bedtime stories? Well, Slumber takes it to another level with sensational stories that send you to dreamland in no time. You get to choose whatever meditation or story works for you and it is totally free for Android and IOS users. 

It is probably time to ditch the pills and embrace these sleep better apps wholly. They could guarantee sleep in the shortest time possible, honestly who wouldn’t want that? 

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