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Dear Mom, You Need Good Sleep!

moukablog - 5th September 2019 - 0 comments


Being a mom is really exciting but it can also get overwhelming. As a mom, you might begin to notice that falling asleep gets so difficult even after you’ve put your baby to sleep. Taking care of your baby all day requires a lot of energy and it also means that you would need to get as much sleep as possible. We have put together a few sleeping tips to make sure you get good sleep when you can’t even when your baby is asleep.

Sleeping Tips For Mothers

Avoid Heavy Meals At Night: Dear mom, to fall asleep easily, you need to avoid eating heavy meals at night. This is mainly because heavy meals would require a longer time to digest and so there is hardly any way you would feel completely comfortable. Even when your baby falls asleep, your desire to fall asleep also would be limited because your digestive system would be too active. 

Try Reading A Book: Sometimes, being overwhelmed by the day’s activities can cause sleep to be far away even if you’re really tired. To tackle this, you can read a book just to help calm your mind and before you know it, you’re falling asleep already. 

Make Sure You Have A Comfortable Mattress: A very important thing that can make you fall asleep even when you can’t is having a comfortable mattress. A much-recommended one is the Mouka mattress. With Mouka, you will have all the comfort you need to fall asleep instantly. This is because Mouka mattresses are designed to relax your entire body as soon as you lay on them. 

Turn Off Bright Light: Having bright light on especially when you want to sleep but can’t, will make it even more difficult. As soon as you put your baby to bed, you need to turn off any bright light because it has a way of making you active even if you’re tired. By turning of bright light, your mind and body will automatically become relaxed and ready to sleep. 

Put Off All Devices: Dear mom, a very important tip you need to have in mind is to put off all devices such as phones and laptops especially. This is because if these devices are on or close to your reach, you’ll be tempted to check one or two things online. 

The truth is that as a mom, you need all the rest you can get and the best way to get it is by sleeping and with these sleeping tips, it will no longer be a problem. Do yourself a favor and get Mouka Mattresses to give you the comfort you need while sleeping!

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