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Are You In Sleep Debt? Here Is how you can pay It All Off

moukablog - 19th September 2019 - 0 comments

Most humans lose out on good sleep due to a lot of things that take their time and sap their energies, things such as long hours at their jobs, bad nutrition, excessive intake of alcohol, lack of exercise, long hours at school works (for students),  long hours on their devices, and most importantly as a result of their sleeping gears (mattresses and pillows)

Sleeping is a therapeutic and healthful activity that helps to reduce blood pressure and stress, boosts the memory, repairs the blood vessels, calms the heart, calms the muscles and joints in the body, and keeps you alert and well-oriented.

And when folks lose out on good sleep consistently for a long time, such humans get into sleep deficit, which makes then owe sleep debt. Sleep debt affects the body, bringing about different health issues such as heart attack, depression, low memory, inactiveness, diabetes, disorientation, brain exhaustion amongst others. 

Repaying sleep debts goes beyond trying to sleep longer at once, it is more about trying to settle and pay off the sleep debts the right way. 

Here are few tips on how repay your sleep debts. 

Tips On How To Repay Sleep Debts. 

* Go to bed early 

As stated according to Benjamin Franklin, “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man, healthy, wealthy and wise’, it can be deduced that sleeping early is one way to catch the required amount of sleep that every human need, stay healthy, mentally active; and it is an effective way to achieve a good night rest. 

* Take naps during the day

Taking naps during the day helps to relax the body and mind in the midst of stress and anxiety, brighten your mood, and improve alertness and stamina. 

Although daytime naps are good for health, it is important that you should be careful of how long you nap during the day, as too much nap during the day can affect sleep at night.

* Stop using electronic devices few minutes to scheduled sleep time at night.

Pressing and staying on your devices at night is one way of losing sleep for a long time, as the light that emits from the screen of these devices suppresses the production of melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone. When melatonin is reduced, people find it hard to sleep early. 

 Not only that, working on your devices keeps your mind alert and awake, which is another way to kill sleep.

Therefore, to avoid staying awake when you should be asleep,  it is advisable that you turn off or stay away from your devices few minutes to when you want to sleep. 


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