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5 Ways Lack of Sleep is Affecting Your Relationship

moukablog - 26th September 2019 - 0 comments

To function effectively as a human, you need sleep. Sleep relaxes the brain, this in turn helps the brain to process information optimally and logically. Lack of sleep does the exact opposite. With lack of sleep, your brain and entire body is too tired to think/act straight. Lack of sleep has negative effects on you and everybody that you have to interact with, including your partner. Do you want to know how lack of sleep is affecting your relationship? Here are 5 ways;

• Handling arguments the wrong way.

Lack of sleep takes away your logical reasoning, leaves you cranky and with mood swings. Insignificant issues make you snap at your partner and react in all the wrong ways. During arguments, you’re more likely to say hurtful words and react in a more angry way than you would have if you had enough sleep the previous night. It is much more difficult to resolve an argument if either you, your partner or the both of you lack sleep

• Affects your memory.

Relationships require little intricacies to work, like remembering birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates and events in your partner’s life. Lack of sleep affects your memory and makes it difficult to remember important details. You may forget to ask how that important interview went or mistakenly add that ingredient your partner is allergic to.

You need adequate sleep to remember details that affect your partner and the relationship

• Sadness and depression

Amongst all the diseases lack of sleep causes, depression is at the top. Lack of sleep results in the feeling of lethargy, sadness and ultimately depression. A sad or depressed person cannot have a happy relationship. Expression of love and positive emotions, as well as enthusiasm to enjoy your partner’s company, will be missing if you’re sad or depressed and this will affect your relationship.

Relationships take work that requires a well-rested mind and body. Lack of sleep stresses the body and mind and reduces the ability to relate well in your relationship. A regular sleep time, clean and dimly lit room and more importantly, a comfortable bed will enhance restful sleep, productive day and a healthy relationship.

The next time you have issues with impatience and negative emotions around your partner, check with your sleep routine before deciding to see a counsellor.

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